Six Useful Tools To Move Your Startup To The US

Image credit:  Pexels

Image credit: Pexels

America is the top destination for startup founders from all over the world. The country has the Silicon Valley, the biggest market on the planet, productive venture capital ecosystem, so it should come as no surprise, that many companies would like to get there.

Here are six tools and online services, that will help you in relocating your startup and setting up a business there.

SB Relocate

You can find lots of posts and how-to articles on immigration which say smth like "the main thing is to get to the country, all the visa stuff you will solve from here" which is complete bullshit. You have to figure out the paperwork first, that's the rule.

This is what we at SB Relocate help to do. Here you can download immigration whitepapers with descriptions of visas most often used by startup teams, like O-1 Visa, and self-evaluation checklists to understand your chances), delegate us your data collection process to get more precise, correct, and up-to-date data. Also, we can help with personal branding as strong online presense, and publicly available evidence of your professional wins are often required to get a range of work visas.


By using SB relocate you can read most up-to-date information on different visa types, self-evaluate your chances using built-in checklists saving hundreds of dollars on initial immigration lawyer's consultations. Also, by using our "delegate research" tool, you'll get an understanding of what visa type is suitable in your situation in just 48 hours saving weeks on googling by yourself.

The Name App

Another essential thing for launching a successful business in the US is avoiding competition and legal issues by choosing the right name for your startup. According to stats, there are more than 627 thousands of new companies founded each year, which makes it hard to choose a unique name.


Use The Name App to search for available domain names and social media profiles. Spend some time, and find a perfect name for your startup which will be easier to promote online.


Okay, you've decided on the name, got your paperwork up and running, now, you will need a legal entity in the US. You can solve this task remotely while living in your home country. However, there might be other complications.

In particular, some services like Stripe Atlas may refuse your registration based on your geography - they have a list of not supported countries.

If you want to avoid such surprises, go with Clerky. It is an excellent tool for creating a company and get a full package of documents in a semi-automated mode. You will need to fill out answers to questions, and voila, you're done for about $700 – you will need to use Incorporation and Post-incorporation setup services.



If you are a small startup without significant investments, then you will have to save resources after the relocation. This applies to contractors as well. Sometimes you will be able to find a right professional from the outside of the US which will be cheaper, but you will also need US-based professionals like CPA, native speaking editor for your marketing materials, etc.

The best place to find such contractors is Upwork. Here you can find thousands of freelancers covering all type of tasks any startup may have.



Speaking of accounting, in the US the leading software for managing such tasks is QuickBooks. However, this tool has some restrictions when used by a non-US resident. For example, you won't be able to create payable invoices right from QuickBooks unless you've got a Green Card.

Happily, there are free alternatives, and Wave is one of the best options. At no cost, you will get the same functionality QuickBooks to provides, including payments.



If you want to work in America, you will have to communicate with people, and a big part of this communication will be written. And though it is impossible to mask your poor oral English skills, you can successfully do so with your writing by using specialized software.

Textly.AI is a writing enhancement tool which finds and eliminates errors in your English texts. The system fights grammar, spelling, punctuation mistakes, corrects typos and generates style-related recommendations.

Web app, as well as Chrome and Firefox extensions, are available. This is super handy to be able to just start typing right on the website you need (like Gmail, Medium, Facebook, etc.) and get your writing fixed without copying and pasting anything.


Final thoughts

Moving your startup to the US is a hard thing to go. However, some tools and technologies may help to make it a bit easier. I hope you find this post helpful. Feel free to add other useful tools in comments below!

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