Case study: How to Move to the United States with the Help of Content Marketing


Content marketing can be used to directly involve your company's customers, but also to develop your business globally. For example, your business can help you get a work visa and thereby take you to the United States. Today we'll talk about how to accomplish this with the help of 'simple articles on the Internet'.

Introduction: How to Move to the United States

America is currently the world's leading country. This is where the best technologies are created and scientific breakthroughs are made. It is a country with a very high standard of living, so it is not surprising that many experienced professionals and entrepreneurs from all around the world are eager to move here. 

If you're talking about the options of moving, there are not a lot. Skilled specialists can find a job in an American company and have a chance to move on the H1-B visa. However, such visas are subject to quotas, with no more than a few tens of thousands of workers per year allowed to come to the country (the quota for next year is 85 000 visas). But the number of people who have received offers, far exceed the quota available - more than 200 thousand applications have been received for 2018.

Large companies with offices in different countries bypass these restrictions with the type L visas. To move to the United States on this visa, the employee must work at the company's overseas office for at least a year. In this case, he or she can be moved to the head office independent of any quotas.

The methods described above are most likely to 'transport' programmers to the country, but it's more difficult for entrepreneurs and people with less sought after occupations. For others, the only real alternative for moving to the USA, without the need to invest hundreds of thousands dollars, raise similar investments and hire American employees, is the O1 visa.

What's Content Marketing Got to Do with This (or How to Get the O1 Visa)?

The O1 visa is given to "outstanding professionals" in their fields. These are, for example, the Nobel Prize holders. The good news is that such visas are not only given to people with such awards, but also granted to skilled professionals from a variety of fields. An experienced immigration lawyer may be able to present a truly good specialist so well that his talents will not raise questions.

The main difficulty in obtaining the visa is to collect all the necessary documents (this is a detailed article about it). The applicant for the O1 visa should provide:

  • Letters of credence from professionals in their field;
  • Evidence of membership in the profile associations;
  • References to their public speeches and competitions in which the specialist served as a member of the jury;
  • Professional awards and prizes;
  • And one of the most important things - media publications.

It is clear that a serious specialist should be recognized by colleagues and published in respected periodicals and on serious websites. And that's just the part where content marketing comes into play!

Case Smile Bright Media: How Content Marketing Helped us Move to the United States

Of course, it is not even worth trying to collect all the documents listed and properly formalizing the case without the help of an experienced lawyer, so it is worth starting the whole process by searching for a good specialist. But then you will need to give him something that he can turn into a real jewel. And content of high quality is exactly what you need.

Its value can be illustrated by this personal example. While working on Smile Bright Media and previous projects, I often published my content in the online media, both in serious Russian-language online editions (, Secret Firmy,, and international ones (VentureBeat, The Next Web, Indie Hackers). In addition, I have published useful articles and studies in our corporate blog.

My research on the Next Web

My research on the Next Web

As a result, my lawyer used all of these facts in his visa petition - publications in serious, (some international) periodicals, research, content demanded by the community and top rating positions.

All of this contributed to become a significant factor to my success — my visa O1 was successfully approved, and our company began to work on the American market.


Experience has shown that content marketing is important not only as a tool to attract customers, but also as a means to meet complex and business-critical challenges, such as moving to another country. In our case, the presence of a large number of publications in various media and professional communities helped to significantly strengthen the case of the founder of the company — an American visa for talented people (O1) was eventually obtained.This has given us the opportunity to live and do business in the United States.

Smile Bright Media Inc. Office is located at the WeWork coworking in Miami Beach

Smile Bright Media Inc. Office is located at the WeWork coworking in Miami Beach

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