We have three basic subscription plans but if you are after something unique and customized — feel free to ping us at hi@smilebright.media and we'll sort everything out.

Content marketing

We can design and implement a unique content marketing strategy based on your business’ real metrics and goals.

  • Blogging

  • Social Media Management

  • Guerilla marketing

  • Education of your marketing staff

You'll get a perfect marketing strategy tailored to the real needs of your business and a team of skilled professionals implementing it from scratch.

Price: $1200/mo

Media relations

We have huge experience helping brands from all over the world in accessing the best media outlets in the US, Europe and Asia. Our customers and projects have been mentioned on such trusted and respected websites as Indie Hackers, VentureBeat, The Next Web, Tech In Asia and lots more.

We will research your business to find key topics that could be interesting for both journalists to cover and for your company to grow needed metrics.

Price: $2000/mo

One-time content creation

Sometimes it could be more convenient not to invest lots of money in a new marketing channel, or you may have an occasion where you want to reach a wider audience than usual. In that case, you may prefer to pay for the one-time content creation option, rather than taking the monthly subscription. 

We understand the needs of a real business and offer a convenient and simple way to get perfect content that suits your purpose. Our one-time content creation option is like our monthly project, but done in a couple of days and for just one specific goal. We will research your topic and come up with a set of ideas on how to tell the story and where to share it.

Price: $400

Content marketing for ICO and Blockchain startups

We have massive experience in content marketing in the field of cryptocurrencies and blockchain. Smile Bright Media has helped lots of crypto startups to market ICOs and made their products public.

Work of our founder Alex Lashkov was honored by the authors of the "100 People to Watch in The Blockchain and Crypto Space" list published by Hackernoon tech blog.

Below the description of our content marketing services for ICO and blockchain startup.

  • White paper preparation. Every blockchain startup should have a White paper (WP) — the detailed document which describes the project and its goals. We've previously published our advice on how to create great WP. White paper preparation is not such an easy task, so we could not only tell how to solve this task but put our hands to do this. Also, we can create a one-page document for future marketing.

Price: $1800 per document

  • Content marketing for ICO promotion. In 2017 blockchain projects had attracted more money via ICO than the amount invested by VCs. So there is no surprise that more and more teams are planning their token sale and competition for the attention of potential ICO participants is growing too. We've published a guide on ICO content marketing, and ready to apply our expertise and experience to make your token sale stand out.

Price: $5000 for two-month project ($2500/mo)

  • Content strategy development. Our experts will prepare a detailed document describing all necessary steps that you should take to become able of producing top-notch content and get your materials live on top publications. Each content strategy document contains topics suggestions, a list of online resources to publish created content and recommendations on building media relations process.

Price: $1000 per document

Feel free to contact us at hi@smilebright.media or (786) 505-4378