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We've created a library containing verified information about US working visas, answers to most tricky immigration questions, and a tool for delegating the research on relocation options most suitable for your situation. Moreover, we help you build your online presence and personal brand, which are very useful for immigration purposes.*


Answers to most tricky questions

At SB Relocate you can download whitepapers about O-1 visas (in-depth research, eligibility criteria, the checklist for chances evaluation), EB programs and getting STEM extension after graduation from the US-based university. Save up to $200 on an initial consultation with the immigration lawyer.


Delegate research

If you still can't find answers to some of your questions or unsure about something, you can delegate us the research process. We will dive into your situation, collect information and map it to existing relocation options. You will get a PDF file with all answers with links to official resources, and expert comments. Save days and weeks by delegating the visa data research to those, who've done it hundreds of times.


Personal branding

For some types of work visas you should provide proofs of your professional wins and experience. These include interviews with you, professional columns that are written by you, etc. We have a bunch of experienced PR experts aboard, so we can help you to share your experience in top media outlets and blogs. This will lift your immigration petition to a whole new level!


Relocation to the US starts here

Comprehensive, up-to-date, verified library with materials about relocation to the US.

At SB Relocate you can:

  • download the "no bullshit" whitepaper about O-1 visa including crisp eligibility criteria, real-life examples of situations when you can and can't get it, a checklist for fast chances self-evaluation. Save up to $200 on immigration lawyer consultation.

  • delegate data research tasks. If you are unsure how and where to search for answers, pass them to us, fill out a short form describing your situation, and get answers with links to official and government resources designed in an easy-to-read whitepaper within just 48 hours. Save days and weeks of your time for surfing SEO-based websites with useless information.

  • purchase a personal branding service. Our professional marketers and PR experts will help you in composing pieces about your experiences, landing interviews at top media outlets, and a whole lot more. Your immigration petition will have a solid boost!

SB Relocate store:

[PDF] O-1 Visa: who can get it, eligibility requirements, evaluation checklist
15.00 20.00

In this whitepaper, you will find the most up-to-date information about O-1 visa for individuals with extraordinary abilities, eligibility requirements, self-evaluation checklist, and real-life use cases of people moving to the US like this.

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EB-1 Visa: What You Need To Know About a Green Card Based On extraordinary abilities
15.00 20.00

In this whitepaper, we've collected all essential facts about the EB-1 immigration program, that allows obtaining a permanent residency for individuals who can prove their outstanding professional achievements and extraordinary achievements. BONUS: a checklist for self-evaluation of your chances included!

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Service: delegate the data research
100.00 120.00

Tell us about your situation, share information, ask questions, and get a whitepaper with all the answers and the most accurate facts from official government resources. Preparation time: 48 hours.

Save hours, days, and weeks of your life. Spend them for something more interesting than searching immigration forums and websites. You will get correct answers to the most tricky questions.

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Service: personal branding

Obtaining a range of work visas to the US is impossible without a strong personal brand. Publicly available evidence of your wins at work, successful projects, and wide-spread recognition of the professional community. We help you to get all these. Just drop us a message at, and we will come up with a custom offer that will make you stand out of the crowd.

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My relocation is wholly tied with SB Relocate and the service founder Alex. I’ve found out there is such thing as an O-1 visa from his blog post, then he provided me with an intro to an immigration lawyer he’s worked before, and finally, helped to share my professional experience via interviews and media articles. I was approved!
— Dmitry, Miamy
We are launching a new startup, and the team of SB Relocate has helped us to get features in some top media outlets including We were able to kill two birds with one stone – first, we’ve got perfect PR for our startup, second, these pieces became an ideal addition to our petitions for O-1 visas.
— Alex, New York
Relocation to the US had always been something impossible to me. However, when I came to the country, and sat with Alex to discuss this, it turned out, that there are no unanswered questions. Now I am working hard to make my immigration a reality.
— Max Petrov

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